Online Root Cause Analysis Workshop (Virtual Workshop Prerequisite) Watch Preview

Part 1 - Self-paced online learning

Prerequisite for: Part 2 - Instructor-led Virtual Classroom Sessions

17 Lessons

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17 Lessons in Online Root Cause Analysis Workshop (Virtual Workshop Prerequisite):

Section 1

Welcome to the course!

Learn workshop details

Course Objectives

Meet your instructor and learn course objectives

Introduction to Cause Analysis

Learn some important definitions and the different types of cause analysis

Section 1 Review

Test your knowledge

Section 2

How and Why Incidents Occur

Learn about the Advanced Swiss Cheese Model, Causal Factors, and Barriers

Contributing Factors

Learn about Contributing Factors and Causal Factors

Direct Causes

Learn about External Forces, Equipment Failures, and Human Acts

Deviation Potential

Learn about Deviation Potential and Drift

Section 2 Review

Test your knowledge

Section 3

HOP Principals

Start learning about Human and Organizational Performance principals

Systemic Drivers

Learn about the HOP System and Systemic Drivers

Performance Modes

Learn about Skill-Based, Rule-Based, and Knowledge-Based Performance Modes


Learn about the Top 10 Error Traps

Incidents Initiated by Human Acts

Learn about the percentage of bad outcomes that can happen due to isolated violations

Section 3 Review

Test your knowledge

Section 4

Roles and Responsibilities

Learn the Roles and Responsibilities of cause analysts

Section 4 Review

Test your knowledge